The Basics.

10 Apr

I think we’re all given a certain amount of love by God at birth to give to others throughout our lifetime.
At 22, I believe I ran out of God’s gift.
My alloted love was used up by the low energy, emotionally under-charged boy
The one I had to overcompensate for so I could have a hand to hold
I invested in the underprivileged that needed my love to survive
The boy with mommy issues that seeked comfort in my arms
The one looking for refuge from the woman who was lost

I was there as usual
Sharing and caring
Giving and hoping
Stretching my arms out for the basics
Just an I love you
And a you complete me
Intimacy and relevance
But after all I realized
As I look down on my empty hands
My heartbeat echoes in my empty heart
I was careless with God’s gift

Is all hope lost?
Is that part of me dead?
Should I sit back and hope that one day
Someone will be willing to sacrifice their alloted love for me?
Someone with so much love he’ll top me up
And still be full enough to supply our children
Someone who sees me for me and not the deprived monster I’ve become
Someone to make me his charity case
And only stretch his arms out for the basics.



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