6 Dec

I wonder how she looks
All graceful and stunning
I conjure a million instances
I’ll see the light hit her long flowing hair from across the street
While you bend down to tie her laces
She’ll stand there all victorious
While I play my role from a distance

How is she not enough?
How could you possibly want more?
And where in me did you find it?
Dumb question
It’s all in my crippled lips, docile and seemingly disconnected from my thoughts
My frequent moans of vulnerability and feeble idiosyncrasies
My shaky legs
My daydreams
And my fear of reflection

Your words don’t fool me
But your actions do
My mind is appalled
My heart is leaping recklessly
She knows you’re safe with me
I’m only a matter of your desire
Destined to perish with time
To her, I’m like a virus going through your system
Soon to be unnoticeable
She wins everyday
I lose every night.



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